How Discount Dental Cards Works

SavePlans brings you huge savings on your dental care. But for many people the question is how does it work? How is it possible to pay so little and get deep savings on the care you need, when traditional dental insurance and dental care is so expensive? The difference is that SavePlans is not traditional dental insurance. It is an array of dental discount plans that meet your needs, so you can take care of your teeth like you have always wanted to. Here's how it works.

  • It's Mutually Beneficial
  • Discount dental plans benefit both patients and dentists. The exclusive membership ensures that you get a great deal on the high quality dental care you need if you use one of our provider dental clinics. For dentists, accepting our plans means that they enjoy a constant flow of patients and have no paperwork to file, so administrative costs can be kept lower.

  • Make the Right Choice
  • Dental Discount Cards: How it Works
  • Before you select your discount dental plan, take the time to investigate the different options available to you. SavePlans offers plans from well-known and respected providers such as Careington and Aetna. However, plans differ and you need to compare what each offers before making your choice. Some offer access to more dental clinics, others offer deeper discounts on more procedures or immediate access to services. Understand your options before you make the investment. You can even check on providers in your area before you commit to a SavePlans dental plan.

Make the Appointment

When you have purchased your dental plan, contact any of the providers that are in-network for your appointment. Those providers have agreed to deliver top quality dental procedures listed in the fee schedule for the fixed price listed. That means no surprises for you and lots of savings.

Get the Winning Solution

With discount dental plans, you get:

- Great quality dental care
- A low cost plan you can afford and trust
- Great savings on the care you need for your teeth.

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